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Our focus is not on the process but on what we really believe makes a difference: understanding what each project needs, the culture and the team where the selected candidate will be integrated and above all on a thorough and honest evaluation of the alternatives. There is no such thing as a perfect solution; there is always a compromise to be found. We rely on our criteria, critical judgement and transparency to ensure that the optimum is as close to perfect as possible.



Evaluation of experience and skills of each manager, assessing their potential, evolution and likelihood of future promotion. This is associated with benchmarking against equivalent professionals in the market.

We do not understand evaluation without exhaustive feedback, without jointly defining individual career plans and without monitoring them, either for possible succession plans or to reinforce the capabilities of a specific area of the company.



Based on over 8 years experience with top-level managers, our Executive Coaching process is based on a model of individual meetings that starts with an initial personal assessment exercise (including psychometrics and references) and extends over periods of 6 to 8 months. We support managers in overcoming personal and professional situations that prevent them from getting the most out of themselves and finding ways to direct their career in line with their objectives and goals. It will not always mean promotion and growth, but sometimes learning to manage frustrations, problems and deal with conflicts in a different way.



We have credentials and proven experience in the implementation of projects:

  • Remuneration studies and incentive schemes.
  • External and confidential benchmarking.
  • External Benchmarking/Mapping exercises for a specific management position.
  • Evaluation of Boards of Directors.
  • Training of internal Human Resources teams to develop internal competency and potential assessment plans.

“Service, and doing it better than anyone else, giving it our all to make every customer experience the best it can be.”

drives us

We need to understand the unique needs of each situation (context, opportunities, weaknesses, alternatives).

We care about all opinions and value all points of view. Our opinion is just one more in the analysis because we do not believe in always being right.

There is not a recipe for everything, we have to be flexible and focus on what is required at any given moment.

drives us

Understanding the business and culture of each company is a differential for us.

We give an honest, constructive and transparent vision/opinion.

We never impose our criteria, although we do express them. We accept others’ viewpoints with a willingness to find common ground.

We enrich our own vision and experience with that of others.

drives us

If we don’t perform, we prefer to be told. Only this way can we grow and improve.

There’s no ego, only pride in doing a job well done for those who place their trust in us.

Excellence motivates and drives us.


Baón es un equipo de personas que trabajan para personas. Es la suma de diversidad de pensamiento, de visiones y de experiencias que resultan en una orientación a resultados única. Compartimos cultura, valores y sobre todo, pasión por hacer de cada proyecto algo personal.

Pedro Díez Marcado

Consultor Senior

Pedro Díez Marcado

Consultor Senior

Juan de la Peña Soler

Consultor Senior

Juan de la Peña Soler

Consultor Senior

María Serrano Méndez

Consultora Senior

María Serrano Méndez

Consultora Senior



Board of Directors & Chairmanship
(Executive and Non-Executive)




Diversity, equity and inclusion

Commercial & Marketing

Human Resources & Talent

Legal, Regulatory & Compliance

Communications & Public Affairs

Supply Chain & Operations


Financial Services

Banking & Insurance
Investment Banking
Investment Management
Wealth Management

Healthcare & Pharma

Hospitals & Clinics
Pharmaceutical & Biotech


IT Services & Consultancy
Software Development
Digital Transformation


Automotive & Aerospace
Electronics & Semiconductors
Industrial Equipment
Heavy Industry


Fashion & Accessories
Retail Supply Chain


Petrol & Gas

Professional Services

Strategic Consultancy
Audit & Tax

Other Industries

Construction & Real Estate
Transport & Logistics

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If you have any questions or would like to tell us about your case, please don’t hesitate to call or write to us. We’ll be happy to help.


Antonio Maura 16, 3º izda
28006 Madrid


Antonio Maura 16, 3º izda
28006 Madrid

“Surpassing expectations and always giving 100%, it's personal

“Building relationships based on mutual trust, transparency and honesty, it's personal

Our profession is so much more than just a business. It’s about people, their careers and opportunities. Each conversation is important. We are not just suppliers, but consultants. Confidentiality, availability, an honest opinion and constructive feedback are our hallmarks. And we won’t compromise on our core DNA, it’s what we value most.

“Every project carries our identity and commitment from beginning to end, it's personal

Each project is an extension of our identity. Our philosophy is manifest at every stage of the process, reflecting the way we conduct business. We believe in what we do, and each project is the most important asset we have. Our professional success and achievements are drawn form the many years of experience.

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